Women in Compliance Summit | A Compliance Week Conference

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Save the Date for June 2025

Build Your Support System, Take Your Career to the Next Level, and Get Paid What You're Worth 


Join women in compliance from across industries, job levels, and functions, at the premier gathering for dynamic networking, inspirational speakers, and idea sharing that will provide you with the tools you need to build your confidence, increase your skills, and advance your career.

The Women in Compliance Summit serves as a pivotal meeting ground for women, as well as those who promote female leadership and the advancement of DEI, to exchange insights, strategies, and experiences while navigating the complex landscape of compliance. Connect with a pioneering and diverse speaking faculty as they discuss leadership and professional growth, exciting innovations, and current challenges women face in compliance. You don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to build your support system, take your career to the next level, and get paid what you’re worth.


All Genders Are Welcome

We are proud to welcome anyone who promotes female leadership and the advancement of DEI in compliance, therefore all genders are welcome, including those who identify as nonbinary. All attendees, regardless of gender, will acquire critical leadership tools, expand their emotional intelligence skills, and gain a more holistic view of the needs of every member of their team.


We are proud to welcome anyone who promotes female leadership and the advancement of diversity and inclusion in compliance, therefore all genders are welcome, including those who identify as nonbinary. We welcome all roles and job functions, and you can expect to network with titles including:

  • Chief Compliance Officers

  • Chief Risk Officers

  • Information Security Officers

  • Global Procurement Compliance Directors

  • Third-Party Risk Management Leads

  • Vendor Management Officers

  • Cybersecurity and Privacy Leaders

  • Directors of Third-Party Strategy

  • Legal Directors of Global Anticorruption Compliance

  • Audit Directors

  • Business Continuity Program Managers

  • Compliance General Counsel

  • Ethics Directors

  • Digital Risk Directors

  • Due Diligence Directors

  • Third-Party Risk Officers

  • Enterprise Risk Management Officers

Join women in compliance from across industries, job levels, and functions to:

  • Highlight the skills and experience necessary for leading compliance teams

  • Review oversight needs for use of AI in cases that could impact clients or investors

  • Identify unique mentorship opportunities in compliance

  • Outline strategies for creating impactful compliance reports

  • Discover tools and resources to streamline compliance tasks

  • Explore how understanding motivation can transform the effectiveness of compliance training

  • Discuss how to engage employees and foster a culture of open and clear communication

  • Highlight certifications that bolster your compliance credentials

  • Discover practical exercises to develop your ability to read and influence others in negotiations

  • Outline the steps to construct an effective risk management program at your organization